About Us

Our history

FreeShooting is the registered trademark of NONSOLOCACCIA, company present in the market that offers clothing production Technical Hunting, Leisure, Sport and extreme activities.

We offer clothing Kevlar, Cordura, Cotton Canvas tear, make clothes that already has water repellency, with waterproof breathable membranes.

Our garments are made in dressmaking workshop, attended in all their aspects in order to offer a high quality product and be elegant in all circumstances of your day.

We use only high-grade fabrics and studied on our technical details, and made exclusively for our production, so as to excel all in the field.

Federica BARBIERO in 2012 is the company NONSOLOCACCIA, a company with the idea of producing clothing and accessories of high quality production “Made in Italy”.

The initiative began in a small workshop in the province of Padua in which they are designed and manufactured products of the brand FREESHOOTING.

NONSOLOCACCIA quickly become a very popular brand in the industry reaching a leadership position in the national and international market.

NONSOLOCACCIA offers its capabilities Company, Studio and model development, market research of the best fabrics, Construction of the first model, Achievement production in dressmaking workshop by highly qualified staff.
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Realization of tissues of our specific request for each activity. We offer clothing and accessories in the market by excellent strength and elegance.


Research and development of unique and exclusive clothing and accessories for every need.


Care of the production, quality control by industry professional.


Repeated tests on various products and continuous research of the best fabrics in the Italian market.

These elements that NONSOLOCACCIA has in its structure are the basis of guarantee by the excellent results with the renewal of your constant confidence.